Youth Groups

Our Argonia Youth Groups meet at the Teen Center every Wednesday evening throughout the school year. The Junior High youth group meets at 4-5:30 pm, and the High School youth group meets at 7-8:30 pm.

The youth groups are a combined union between two local churches -- Plains Church and Friends Church.

Our goal is to help our teens own their faith and then put their faith into action. In order to do this, we don’t just sit around at the Teen Center and talk about God. 

We also like to go out and let our teens practice sharing the love of God with others. They do this through a few local service projects each year as well as through a Spring Break Missions Trip that our high schoolers take. 

Each week at youth group we have food, games, and a lesson that connects with the questions teenagers have and the issues they face. Snacks are provided by the two churches, and games may be anything from food eating contests to trivia games to dodgeball in the gym.

Teenagers of any and every church background (and those with no church background) are welcome to join us!

If you have any questions or need more information, please call us at (620) 435-6923 or email Kirk.