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Think About These Things- Philippians 4:8-9
October 7, 2018
When it comes to our thought-lives, God gives us freedom of thought instead of legalism.  With his help, we can focus our thoughts on what is excellent, praiseworthy and good.

The Show- Ephesians 4:11-16
September 23, 2018
When each Christian is entrusted with responsibility and takes ownership for their faith, the Church thrives and is powerful.

Pandemic - Matthew 9:35-38
August 26, 2018
Series: Contagious
Pandemic Christianity means that a contagious church full of contagious Christians will spread Jesus beyond their community.

Contagious - Matthew 9:18-34
August 19, 2018
Series: Contagious
To be contagious Christians, we have to be close to the people we want to reach.  Spreading Jesus is all about proximity.

Infected - Matthew 9:9-13
August 12, 2018
Series: Contagious
Before you can be a contagious Christian, you must be an infected Christian. When you are infected with Jesus, everything about who you are changes.