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The Long Game - Exodus 5-10
April 7, 2019
Series: Out of Egypt
God plays a long game of patience and timing to free us from our slavery to sin.

Talking About Stuff - Luke 12:13-21
March 3, 2019
Series: The Good Sins
We live in a culture obsessed with accumulating stuff.  Your stuff can either distance you from God, or it can be a tool used for God's Kingdom.

Alliances of Convenience - Mark 12:13-17
February 24, 2019
Series: The Good Sins
The power of the church is found in the Holy Spirit, and not in power seeking or in making alliances with the powers-at-be.

Focus on the Family- Matthew 10:34-39
February 17, 2019
Series: The Good Sins
Idolatry is still a problem in the Church today, and one of our biggest idols is the family.  A focus on God must come before a focus on the family.

Christian the Grouch- Ephesians 4:2-3
January 6, 2019
Series: The Good Sins
We talk about big sins all of the time, but other sins get very little attention in the church.  Irritability is one of these.  Irritability is a sin that chooses selfishness over love.