Welcome to Plains Church

Join us this Sunday--We meet at 11:00 AM

 You will find a life-changing worship service here at Plains Church, filled with music and  practical teaching of God’s word.

 Our service is designed to help you focus on your relationship with God and to have the  opportunity to connect with Him. No matter what stage in life you’re at, you can  celebrate Him in your own way among friends.

Biblical Teaching for the 21st Century

You’ll hear biblical teaching which is grounded and practical … it relates to your everyday needs and concerns. For instance, we use up-to-date Bible translations that speak the language of 21st century people – just like you.

Easy to understand … easy to apply.

As a result, you’ll leave our service with down-to-earth ways to put to use what you learned.

Blended Worship for a Welcoming Atmosphere

Our worship doesn’t conform to any particular label, such as traditional or contemporary. Instead, we take what’s good from many styles to fuel our service so it’s lively and welcoming to you.

Also, this label-free attitude extends to those of us here at Plains Church. That’s because we aren’t concerned about who you are … where you’re from … or what you’re wearing.

Come as you are … we look forward to seeing you!

If you can't make it in on Sunday, you can still listen to the Messages at your convenience.

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