Friday Nights Teens

Every Friday night the Teen Center is open at 8 pm to offer the teens from Argonia and the surrounding areas a place to gather and hang out

We understand sometimes there's not much for teenagers to do on the weekends in a rural community. Therefore, our goal on Friday nights at the Teen Center is to give teens a safe place to relax and be themselves in an environment where they won’t get into trouble.

All activities, snacks, and games are available to the teens, and usually there's a game or movie playing on the big screen. When the weather is decent, you'll find teens hanging out or playing some football outside.

The time is completely unstructured. Sometimes we may do group games, but the time is the kids’ to kick back and have fun.

Friday nights are manned by a team of volunteers from our churches and our community so there's always adult supervision. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or call us at (620) 435-6923.