Nobody could ever take care of your child as well as you do.  And that’s precisely why Plains Church is openning its day care - to help parents provide for their children.  Many parents around our community have felt the need to complete a college education or get a job but have had difficulty finding child care.  That burden just became much lighter!  With 12 initial slots to accomodate the demand, Plains Church Day Care is a clean, safe, and caring environment where your child can be nurtured and developed. Though owned by our church, the day care is operated as a non-religious institution licensed and inspected by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment as well as the Sumner County Health Department.  We understand that we’ll never be as good with your child as you are, but we’re comfortable with 2nd best.

102 N Argonia Rd. - Argonia, KS  67004 - Church (620) 435-6744 - Day Care (620) 435-6742